10 Ways to Increase Your Power in Virtual Meetings

Work as we know it has shifted. That means lots of “virtual” work online. Do you enjoy virtual meeting sessions? Are you at your very best when you participate onscreen? Would you like to be more powerful in these settings?

If so, you’re not alone. There are two steps to regaining your power while working online.

The first step is to agree what we’re talking about when we use the word power.

To me, power is your clarity, influence, energy, confidence, and impact. It has nothing to do with your position or your title. Everyone can increase this kind of power.

With that understanding, the second step is to practice these 10 ways to increase your power in virtual meetings. As you’ll see, these tips range from what you do to how you do it.

To increase your clarity:

  • Check back with people to ensure what they heard is what you think you said.
  • Test your software and internet connection in advance to eliminate the chance for technical problems.

To increase your influence:

  • Don’t interrupt or talk over people and recognize technology transmission delays.
  • Mute your microphone as often as possible to help others be heard.

To increase your energy:

  • Eliminate distractions and concentrate your focus to be completely present when others speak.
  • Be generous in your praise for others’ good ideas. (Positive energy will boomerang back to you!)

To increase your confidence:

  • Include values (your “why”) in the session to share what you stand for.
  • Set your background consciously for your sessions so attendees will see with what’s important to you.

To increase your impact:

  • Remember “less is more.” The impact of your words will increase if you choose your words carefully and are mindful of how many of them you use.
  • Connect actions and words by sharing what you have done since the last call that connected to what you said you’d do.

One of my favorite lines has always been, “Real power is never given, it’s only taken.” I encourage you to increase your power, whether you’re communicating virtually or anywhere else.

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