Being Chief

Being Chief has nothing to do with your title. It has everything to do with your choices—those that bring out your best and the best in people around you. Anyone can be Chief.

Rick Miller is a global speaker, author, teacher, coach, and advisor who can help you unlock your Chief power and the power of everyone around you. He has a track record of working with Chiefs at all levels doing just that. Rick defines power as clarity, energy, impact, influence, and confidence. The result is always growth.

Rick spent over 30 years as a business leader, serving as a President or CEO in Fortune 10, Fortune 30, non-profit, and startup companies. Today, he works with a diverse group of people in the C-suite and the classroom, and speaks regularly about simple strategies that enable leaders of all ages, at all levels, to grow into their potential and drive growth. He also uses a specific tool—a road-tested sustainable growth model he created—the Power Compass—and offers it free to everyone.

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