Being Chief

Being Chief has nothing to do with your title. It has everything to do with your choices—those that bring out your best and the best in people around you. 

Rick Miller is primarily a business advisor and a leadership coach who serves C-suite executives. Rick helps these Chiefs optimize both their performance and that of their organization.

Rick leverages 30 years of experience as a successful executive and turnaround expert, serving as a President, COO, or CEO in Fortune 10, Fortune 30, non-profit, and start-up companies.

Rick also serves “Chiefs” in the classroom as a professor at Bentley University’s McCallum Graduate Business School.

Working in the C-suite, in the classroom, or on stages as a global speaker around the world, Rick helps leaders unlock their Chief power and the power of everyone around them.

Rick defines Chief power as clarity, energy, impact, influence, and confidence. Increasing your, and your team’s, Chief power always results in sustainable growth.

Anyone can Be Chief. For readers, the book’s second edition is now available. All author proceeds support veteran’s programs at Easterseals.

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